The population is rapidly increasing that must be controlled 

Population is rapidly increasing in the whole world. The population is unable to be controlled because the citizens of every country run their functions according to their own choice. However, the developed countries can easily provide the increasing population with every necessity. But, the problem lies in the third world countries where the resources are already scarce. 

Scarce resources that are not sufficient at all 

The third world countries where the resources are unavailable for the current population, how the increasing population will be provided with the basic necessities. In a few countries, people die of hunger and thirst. So, it is very important that you forget about the ways of the government and think about yourself for once.

Indulge in measure sin order to avoid pregnancy 

There are a number of measures through which birth could be controlled. Condoms and emergency pills [ยาคุมฉุกเฉิน, which is the term in Thai] are those methods that are cheap and are easily available too. So, in this way, if you are unable to provide the basic necessities to your kids, make sure that you avoid bringing them into this world.

Make sure that you need a child or not 

Otherwise, you would have to face the consequences, once your child is in this world. Nonetheless, there are many other reasons because of which pregnancy must be avoided. Such newly married couples need some space and time in order to know each other in a better way.

Sometimes the couple is not earning much to fulfill the responsibilities of a kid. Also, most of the times, couples are not prepared mentally. Thus, pregnancy should be avoided. If you want to know more about emergency pills and their correct usage, you can check out every piece of information on honest docs.

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