Surgical Eyelid Changes Will Make You Look Healthier

People often tend to look for a surgery that will make them look younger and healthier, and while a lot of people tend to go for a facelift as their procedure, another good option is only to take care of your eyelids if the rest of your face requires no surgery.

What is an eyelid surgery?

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a procedure that focuses on removing the bagginess from the lower eyelids, and if necessary, some excess skin from the upper eyelids as well. The main reason behind this procedure is of course, cosmetic, however, it is also known that this procedure sometimes has medical purposes as well.

If a person happens to have too much sagging from the upper eyelids, it will make their vision obscured, and by removing that extra skin, it will make those people see better. This is mostly the case for older people where the sagging becomes quite excessive, or for people who have a genetic condition.

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to eyelid surgery is that people assume that it will eliminate dark circles, crows feet, or facial wrinkles around the eyes, which is unfortunately not the case. While this procedure is quite common to be done on its own, it is more common to combine with another procedure such as filler injections, a forehead lift or something else on the face.

You can easily get eyelid surgery Sydney according to Dr Hodgkinson if you happen to be in good health and you have realistic expectations from the procedure, as that will make you a good candidate. Usually people who are thirty-five or more decide to undergo this procedure, but like it was mentioned, sometimes genetics will make you undergo this procedure sooner.

Eyelid surgery provides a healthy look

Double eyelid surgery for Asians

While it is quite common for everyone to undergo eyelid surgery, it is very popular for people of Asian ethnicity to undergo this procedure, as it will have a drastic change on their looks, which is something that a lot of people strive for, especially if they would like to have a more western look.

The procedure for Asian patients is pretty much the same, however, the results might have a different impact, as there are some genetic limitations which will not allow the patients to get make their eyes look as big as they would be for a patient from the western countries. You can get effective double eyelid surgery with Dr Hodgkinson or your local clinic with ease, as it is a common procedure.

Significant change in looks after surgery

Final word

When it comes to the duration of the results, the effects of the eyelid surgery will last about five to seven years, depending on your age and the genetic code that you are bearing. Once you notice that the sagging has started again, you can undergo the procedure, however, it is a much better idea to simply do a forehead lift instead.

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