How cannabis affects women differently?

There is no strict study conducted that men enjoy cannabis more than women. But after the legalization of marijuana in states, women tend to consume more marijuana than men. Seattle cannabis dispensary conducts research that portrays the biological differences between man and woman. This research suggests and clearly shows us the different effects on the body of man and woman.

The effects of cannabis on sex hormones 

Why women and man differ when it comes to the impact of marijuana on the body. But it comes only on sex drives as both man and woman have different sex hormones. And they have a different level of estrogen levels in some areas of the body. Cannabis starts to increase the CB1 level of the body, which leaks more estrogen level in the body. It is the main reason sex hormones between man and women differ. Cannabis also affects the menstrual cycle of women, therefore directly affects the mood of the human body in a very adverse way.

How marijuana affects women body in a very different manner

In the initial stage of smoking marijuana, women tend to get much higher than man. Although women may get more stress and pain relief in their body as compared with man. But they also have increased hormones levels and anxiety, depression from men. It directly means that cannabis brings more and quicker disorder in physical and mental state in women than man. After regular consumption of marijuana, the tolerance level of women is far better than man. So they will require more amount of marijuana to satisfy their need. Because of the legal restrictions, women tend to be much closer in their consumption of cannabis as compared with man. Although our society is much male dominant, that’s why man openly speaks up about their marijuana consumption. But the same scene does go with women.

Is marijuana harmful to women?

No, we all are human, and our body is biologically very much similar to each and everyone around us. Whether it is men or women, the adverse effect of marijuana is almost identical. Excess of anything is bad for our health. So it does not mean that we are man or women everyone should know their limits when it comes to smoking marijuana. A recent study conducted by Seattle cannabis dispensary states that it’s all about our limit. We should always inhale marijuana according to our requirement and capacity. Although marijuana also has a darker side and affects our body in a very adverse way. Cannabis also throws away a negative impact on the brain and brings up a lack of coordination in our collection. So we should always smoke marijuana in a decent amount.

Final words about this article are that we mainly focus on marijuana, how it affects women body differently from man. Although there were no such main differences, the only difference was of sex hormones. All in all, we suggested that we should always know about our limits while smoking marijuana.

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