Compulsory Tests to do before Marriage

Medical check ups before marriage (ตรวจสุขภาพก่อนแต่งงาน, which is the term in Thai) are not only recommended but are compulsory to live a healthy and happy married life. Knowledge of your proposed partner's health enables you to take appropriate medical care if needed.

 Here are compulsory tests to do before your marriage.

 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Tests Including HIV

HIV, hepatitis B and C last for a lifetime and if not correctly managed, can affect the marriage. Knowing your partner status is vital in protecting yourself. Seek for proper medical care if your partner tests positive and you still decide to proceed with the marriage. Other STDs e.g. Syphilis, warts, gonorrhoea and bacterial vaginosis can be treated with proper medical care. Treating them properly reduces the risk of miscarriages and infertility.

Blood Group Compatibility Test

To avoid pregnancy problems such as Rhesus disease, your blood group must be compatible with your partner. The Rhesus disease is a condition where a baby's blood cells are destroyed by a pregnant woman's antibodies found in her blood. Rhesus negative blood group of women married to men with rhesus positive blood group have a higher tendency of rhesus incompatibility where the baby takes after the father's blood group leading to intrauterine death of the foetus and miscarriages.

 Fertility test

Fertility test is vital as early tests address the problem avoiding the unnecessary psychological, social, biological and emotional stress associated with infertility.

Chronic or Genetic Medical Conditions Testing

Running an early test enables couples to seek medical attention before the medical conditions deteriorate. This test depends on the common chronic or genetic condition seen in your society. However, include screening for hypertension, diabetes, cancers or kidney disease and ,  for thalassemia, as well as others you feel the need to add.

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